Excuse me, where is Fall? Friday 10/12

Oops. It's Saturday. Oh well, I'm still posting my Friday Favorites... and here they are!

Where is the Fall weather? If you're in California, you know what I am talking about. We only get a few days of Fall in a normal year -- and I swear it is normally not still in the 80's in October. All we've gotten so far is a few days of wind. I guess we just keep waiting patiently.

It's been a rough October for me because this might be my favorite month and I was really hoping to be in a new home by now. One we could decorate and party in and spread out a bit. But, the stars didn't see it the same way I did -- and we are still in the guest house at my parents. Waiting for the *perfect* house to come along.

So even though no one will see it - we made our porch festive with cobwebs and a new doormat... and we will add some pumpkins soon. Just to make it feel like home in October.

And my favorite finds this week:

Maybe I will start watching Doctor Who this year. Now that the Doctor is a woman. Oh, and Barbie made a Doctor Who doll, of course.

Most-googled health symptoms by State. California, I know we can do better.

This says 7 self-care quickies for new moms. But I'd venture to say its for ANY mom.

15 easy Halloween treats to make with your kids. Some of these look so fun!

Looking for a not really a costume look for Halloween? I love this shirt.

Show your kids you're proud of them. Here are some tips.

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