Have a unchallenging weekend. Friday 8/24

I don't know what is up in our house - but things are rough. I feel like I'm trying to be patient and calm but the kids are just pushing me further. Argh. My schedule has been crazy with lots of late afternoon meetings and we are trying to get used to a new routine, which is going to change in another week and a half when Gus starts school. Anyways -- I hope we all have an unchallenging weekend.

So, if you need something to pass the time or distract your brain -I've got it. Here are my favorite finds from the week. The first one is especially timely for me.

How to NOT lose your shit when you really want to lose your shit.

I some how missed this last week - Madonna turned 60!

I can totally relate to NYT's Sheera Frenkel's twitter thread.

Who else can't wait till there kids read The Baby-Sitters Club books?

Cheap eats in San Francisco.

Female power on display during Ferguson Fire.

Happy Friday, friends.

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