Have a Love-filled Weekend! Friday 2/9

February 9. Can you believe it? This means Valentine's Day is almost here. We'll be busy working on Valentine's for school friends this weekend. Anyone else?

Well, if your Friday is dragging and you need help pushing through, here are some fun links I found this week.

Now here is a good Valentine's Day gift - a $1 home in Italy... it just needs some fixing up...

I know you all have a picture of you as a kid doing something that would probably get your parents into trouble these days. Mommy Shorts is sharing some awesome photos just like that.

I LOVE reading articles that tell me I'm doing this parenting thing right. Don't you?

I love this from Working Mother. I am not a fan of having to be the organizer/list keeper in the house...

This Knit Wool Blend Cardigan from H&M feels amazing. And it is on sale.

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