A Challenge for this Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - full of lots of family, food, laughter and games. I've got a really short post today to launch into the gift giving season...

I love the holidays. I love being surrounded by family and I know that it isn't all about the gift giving - BUT I seriously LOVE finding little, unique items or experiences that I think people are going to enjoy.

But for the past few years - I have been guilty of only giving Jonny gifts to celebrate his fatherhood. And while being parents is an awesome part of our lives - this year I am challenging myself to find a few things that I would have gotten him before we were married. Things that I know he (as Jonny not as daddy) would enjoy.

I think maybe that would challenge us both to remember the person that our spouse was before they became the mother or father of our children. And in turn, encourage each other to indulge themselves now and then.

I think this is probably more important and pertinent to those of us with really little kiddos - who might still be struggling to balance parent and self.

What do you think? Do you gift to your spouse as a "parent" or as their own person?

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