Random Friday Fixations: 9/9

This weeks finds are all over the map, and actually include a map. Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend! Enjoy.

Want to eat local? Check out the USDA Local Food Directories for farmers markets, and local farms. It's not the pretty website - but packed with great info!

Victoria Beckham shares what she would say to her 18 year old self. And I really appreciate it. {Side note: My husband still has my ticket stub to go see Richard Dreyfus speak, which I gave him the night we met too.}

Eating Crow: 6 Things I said I'd Never Do as a Parent via Chocolate & Chaos. These made me laugh. Oh the bed sharing. But luckily, we do not watch Callou.

My Fixer Upper dreams are crushed.

How well do you know your first lady history? I did horrible on this quiz. Only 4 right. I think the quick timer distracted me.

An interactive fall foliage map. The tech geek in me LOVES this.

Anything fun you've found that I need to see? Share it in the comments or with me on social media!

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