Friday, I'm in love...

Lucille loves Friday because it is a school day - which means she gets to hang out with friends. She would go to school everyday if we let her. Gus normally does a Tumblebuddies class with Grandma Friday mornings - so I think he likes Friday too. Friday is normally my monday but this weekend is a little off for me -- I normally have the kids Friday thru Monday while the hubby works - but I've got events Friday and Saturday so I won't be with them quite as much.

But if you have more of a "traditional" schedule - Friday is a day to celebrate the upcoming weekend. Sometime you need help to get through till it's home time and THAT is what this post is about.

First, it is Sac Beer Week here in Sacramento and I got to do a fun post for one of my clients - where I cooked rice with beer - thanks to this lifehacker article. If you want to see the picture follow The California Rice Commission on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and watch for it tomorrow.

Of course if you're Sacramento local - check out all the remaining beer week events!

With our fruit trees in bloom - this year I am going to be prepared for my plums and I'm going to try and make some jelly. Wish me luck. ;)

Um, if you missed it on my Facebook page - a donut ice cream cone!

20 things to do in Sacramento this March from Girls on the Grid. 

For those with a political itch... this throwback Presidential debate might have you longing for the good ol' days.

Ok, hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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