4 Things To Do in March

This is one of my favorite times of year. Flowers are starting to bloom, baby animals and birds and lovely weather. Well, it's pouring rain right now... but that's good too! We need it.

March is a great time to get outside, take a big breath of fresh air ... and start exploring. If you live in Northern California you've got months and months of warm weather ahead of you so I'm just giving your 4 small things you can do in March to start your exploration for 2016 off right.

First, I have got to say: baby chicks! Go and find your local feed store and visit the baby chicks. We went to Sierra Hay & Feed in Lincoln - but there are other options like Lee's in Shingle Springs and River Valley Feed in Rio Linda. Maybe take one or two home? I dunno, but I'm seriously considering it. Here is more on what you need to do - if you are interested.

The beautiful flowers on Daffodil Hill are another great activity for March in Northern California. They are closed on really wet, rainy days... so check out their Facebook page before you go.

Even on a wet and rainy day - a drive through the back roads can be relaxing. Especially if your kids still nap - because you can do the driving while they nap in the car. Put on some Houndsmouth or Lumineers and hit the road. We have an amazing, old Sunset Magazine book called "Back Roads of California" and it has routes all mapped out for you. Or you can just get lost, which we do a lot of. Keep an eye out in the pastures for baby animals - it's that time of year.

My last suggestion for March is to discover a new park or playground. We have so many hidden gems in the greater-Sacramento area that it is easy to find something new and unique. The Stock Ranch Nature Preserve in a great one that we found in Citrus Heights that actually connects to Costco. Gibson Ranch is another great place to go if you haven't before.

Get out and enjoy the rest of March! What are you waiting for?

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