Friday Fixations: For the grown-ups

I've been logging some hours this week for someone that I have neglected for nearly two years. Me. I got two evenings with grown-ups only, I wore high heels at least 3 times, I did my make-up almost every day and I read about things that interested me (not just ideas for things to do with the littles.)

It felt great - and I'm hoping to spend a little more time over the next few weeks (or months...) figuring out how I can let myself be more than just "Lucille and Gus' mom." While that is my favorite role - like most moms, I need to make sure I keep a little more of my old self alive and well.

So today I am sharing some things that I love or am excited about - as Ellen, not as Mom. Hope you enjoy.

Podcasts: I have been listening to Serial since the beginning of the year... and it really got me hooked into podcasts in general. My other favorites? Pop Culture Happy Hour and Another Round.

Musicals, politics, hip-hop... Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr... these are all things I've always enjoyed. So the musical Hamilton seems made for me. The music sounds amazing, and since I'm a Jefferson fan and my dad is a Hamilton fan... I really just wish I could find a way to get to NYC - ASAP. Here is a video on it from a favorite show of my husband - CBS Sunday Morning.

I totally wonked out at the Hamilton - Jefferson rap battle that starts at 6:47.

Gilmore Girls. I loved it. I own the whole series and would watch it again -- if I could find the time. But I will make time for the Netflix revival. I actually was thinking of cancelling my Netflix and this might have just saved it.

On the same lines... Heathers is getting a chance at the small screen... which could be fabulous.

I've watched two episodes of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and have more to watch. Even though it has gotten mixed reviews, I've liked it so far because it is like a road down memory lane. And since I'm older now - I think its interesting to think about this trial as an adult verses as a young teen.

I love Samantha Bee. Full Frontal is going on my list of things to watch when I need some "me" time.

So there it is. So much I could watch / listen / read ... if only I could stay awake past 9 pm.
Anything I am missing?

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