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I'm excited to announce a new business venture for me! Some of you may have heard of Barefoot Books - a wonderful book company started by moms who wanted better children's books for their kids. Well, I'm a new ambassador for them - meaning you can buy books through me, learn more about the Barefoot Books program and if your in the Sacramento area you can attend and host parties to earn credits and free books! How fun, right?

Well since I am literally just getting started - I thought I could talk about 3 of the favorites we have read so far from Barefoot Books. I don't even have my starter kit yet - so these are all based on books we've received as gifts, gotten from the library or bought ourselves prior to me coming on board as an ambassador.

We love Over in the Meadow. It is a song I remember as a kid and Lucille loves looking at the animals it comes with a cd that works in a cd player or on a computer for some extra milage with the book.

Lucille is OBSESSED with lions so How Loud is a Lion? is a great choice. And you can find little bits of the lion on each page (an ear here, a tail there) which is fun too.

A great bedtime book is I took the Moon for a Walk. Lucille likes talking about the moon and the sun and how one goes to sleep when the other comes out. She chooses this one often for a before bedtime read and I enjoy reading it and finding different things in the lovely pictures.

Alright, those are my top 3! I'd love it if you head on over to my Barefoot page on Facebook and followed along there. I'll be sharing Barefoot book deals, details on events I'll be attending and some fun posts for book lovers that are not "Barefoot" related.

And, to kick off the fun - I'm running a Launch party online - so feel free to check out the books and other gifts - maybe even get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

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