Emergency Contact Sheet

We have no plans to be leaving the kids with anyone other than grandparents any time soon, but just in case, I wanted to have an emergency contact sheet done. In fact, I thought its probably worth giving the grandparents too.

So there are a TON of them out there... but of course I wanted to make my own and I am obsessed with Picmonkey... so I did one for myself. This one had all the elements I thought necessary and nothing extra or complicated.

I felt like the real important items are parent contact information and insurance plan info. If there is an emergency I want someone to call 9-1-1 and me. No wasting time with poison control first or non-emergency numbers.

The blank version is free to download - if it fits with what you need. We'll be hanging this in one of our kitchen cupboards and taking a copy to the grandparents house.

Enjoy! I'll let you know if we ever actually have a baby sitter and need a sheet like this.

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