Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

This is going to be the first in my series of 2014 holiday gift guides. As my husband is always the hardest to shop for - I like to get his finished first. So I thought I'd start with a "For Him" guide.

I have found some gems this year for the men in your life. This year we are on a tight christmas budget... so I really did some digging. There are some unique items below - some of them are a great price -- and some are just so unique and worth featuring that they made it on the list even at a high price point.

Dog tag keychain {personalized} - Good gift for a dad from the kiddos.

Wooden 6-pack holder {great for any beer lover or home brewer} - Perfect gift for the guy who likes to bring his own microbrew to the party.

Stanley Coffee System Mug {coffee lovers and campers unite} - This is a french press in a camping friendly to-go mug. $50 - but such a great idea.

Wornfree Joe Cocker "Stuff" Tee {music lovers t-shirt} We saw Joe Cocker wear this t-shirt on an old episode of Saturday Night Live and I bought it immediately for my husband. He pretty much gets a wornfree t-shirt at every Christmas and every birthday.

Wee the People Coffee Mug sets {everyone loves a good coffee mug} I'm a huge fan of interesting coffee mugs and for presents they can be useful to hold things like gift cards or coffee beans. This Wilde-Kahlo-Beethoven is my favorite but they have some great combos. I really like the art work too.

Book lover's "Bookstore" scent candle {the quiet book nerd type} These sound amazing and they aren't girly scents. If you have a quiet book nerd friend... Or someone obsessed with Harry Potter... then check these out. Its an original and fairly inexpensive gift.

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