MPM: Week of April 28

It has been a weekend of festivities - celebrating our baby girl Lucille's first birthday. She got a smash cake that she didn't really smash and didn't really eat. The photo above is courtesy of a good photographer friend of mine, Sandra Kordazakis.

Anyways, I have been totally uninspired when it comes to meal planning this week. Here is what I've come up with:

Monday: At my parents
Tuesday: Black bean Asian tostadas
Wednesday: Pizza panini with salad on the side
Thursday: Turkey meatloaf with roasted asparagus
Friday: Garlic pork with sugar snap peas over rice
Saturday: Party
Sunday: BBQ

Oh my, that was harder than it should have been. Maybe its because my husband told me that our pediatrician told us that we need to start feeding Lucille off our plate instead of her own foods. Ugh. Now I have to think hard about if she'll eat what I'm cooking. Or at least portions of it.

I'm open to any dinner suggestions that might be enticing to a 1-year-old. More plans at org junkie.

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