One year ago today I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl right around the 7 a.m. shift change at Sutter Memorial Hospital. I couldn't tell you the name of the doctor that actually delivered Lucille - because they just called him "Doc in the box" and he was in and out of the room within a two minute period. Oh, and he took one whole minute just to put his gloves on. But I digress.

A year. In some ways it has flown by and in other ways it seems like so long ago. I mean, we are expecting our 2nd bambino at the end of July -- so in that way it seems forever ago. And she is so different from day one. I put this video together - and am amazed at how she develops from a newborn into a little girl. It's crazy the amount a baby learns in the 1st year of its life. She understands so much. I did a six month check-in - and thought it might be nice to reflect a little bit again at the one year mark.

My biggest hope at this point is that I am teaching her to be a kind and loving little girl. She is happy most of the time and waves and blows kisses to nearly everyone (and everything.) I just hope she continues to grow into a happy and kind girl. I know she's going to be a great big sister.

The thing I wish I could change would be the amount of time I get to spend with her. A few hours in the evening and the weekends just don't seem like enough. I get jealous that she has a full extra day with just daddy (since he works a 4/10 shift and gets 3 days off.) And she spends four full days with my parents - which is the best place for her to be, I know - but I still get a little jealous.

I love that she has so many little friends already -- and again (another time complaint) I wish she got to see her friends more often. That will come as she gets older though.

All in all, I just hope I remind myself enough to just slow down and enjoy her at each of these stages. Especially for this brief time when she is our only baby to watch grow.

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