Friday Fixation: This is Why I'm Broke

Have you seen the website "This is Why I'm Broke?" It features all the amazing and random crap that you can spend your money on. It can be a total time suck looking through all the various items... but it actually helped me with some funny gifts ideas for people. I mean, if I still had a sporty car, like my Saab - I'd have 1/2 a mind to get the Batman Brake Light Cover. (Yes, that's the comic book geek in me coming out.)

Some of my other favorites? How about Pillow Fight Weapons? These are only a "concept" right now... but I can imagine a handful of individuals (kids and grownups) that would totally enjoy these.

A Folding Backpack Bike seems logical - although a bit expensive... Light Simulating Blinds (again only in concept) would be useful in my office area... How about a Harry Potter Snuggie? I could totally stay on this site all day....

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