Friday Fixation: The Hunger Games

I want to thank my friend Meghan for having me read The Hunger Games. I finished the first book in a few days on my kindle - it was such an easy read that just sucked me in. Now that I've watched the trailer for the movie -- I am equally excited for that. I like the main actress in it - she was in Winter's Bone too - which I just watched and liked as well.

Here's the trailer for The Hunger Games if you haven't seen it. I'd agree with my friend and highly recommend reading it! I can't wait until February when I can get my next free read on my Kindle... so I can read the next book in the trilogy - "Catching Fire."


  1. I am soo happy you liked the book. Remember to wait a week or two before reading the third book.

    We should have a girl's date night and watch the movie!

    XOXOX Meghan

  2. I'm totally in for a girl's date to watch the movie. I'm pretty sure Jonny won't want to see it with me.