Chatelaine's 31 days to a healthier you

While working on all my goals for this year - I stumbled across Chatelaine's 31 days to a healthier you. I figured these would be a good place to start since "healthier" is exactly what I am looking for. Today will be my first day --- and it's easy enough. Reviewing my horoscope for 2012.

Here it is for any fellow Gemini's (and I know I have a few of you as readers!):

Gemini (May 21 - June 22)

Think back to the summer of 2000 through to the summer of 2001. What was going on back then? Your confidence level was high and you were branching out in some new way or in some new direction. You can expect more of the same for 2012, especially from June through December. It’s a positive, once-in-every-twelve-years kind of opportunity, so say yes to whatever the Universe offers up!
Your mantra for 2012 is: I choose to have faith in my abilities.
Love: You’re redefining your bottom line in all your primary romantic and business relationships this winter/spring. Where are your boundaries? You may not really know until someone pushes them. They will too, especially on January 4th, April 9th and most notably on the Eclipse of June 4th! At that point you should be able to define exactly what it is that you want, (or equally as important, what you don't want!). An engagement, marriage or second honeymoon could be part of the scenario this summer!

Money/Work: The March 21st New Moon earns you a spot in the limelight. Finally! All your hard work starts to pay off and your reputation soars. Image is key at this time too, so don’t hesitate to fake it ‘til you make if you need to! Financial opportunities abound once bountiful Jupiter enters your sign in June. Be watchful for opportunities, as calculated risks, offers and prospects tend to pay off big time.

Here's what I got out of it: I don't really remember 2000 or 2001. I'm sure I was having a good time - I would have been 19/20 years old and probably was out on vacation with my friends having a blast. I'd love more of the same this year.... especially if it only comes along once every 12 years!

"I choose to have faith in my abilities" sounds like a perfect mantra. I'll repeat it to myself often. Since the engagement/marriage part have already happened -- I'll sign up for the second honeymoon. We'll be returning to Tahoe in April for our 1 year wedding anniversary, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll work on being prepared and open to any financial opportunities this summer as well.

All sounds good and positive to me!

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