Ice Cream!

And I can scratch off another item on my 30 before 30 list (thanks again to my sister). She got me an Ice Cream Maker to help with #30 Make Homemade Ice Cream.

So the day after Christmas I made two flavors. Lavender and Peppermint. Both were yummy. Next time I'm going to adjust the lavender one for a bit more flavor.

So now I am taking flavor suggestions. The first two I tried were easy - since all I did was take the basic recipe and switch out the vanilla for some sort of liquid flavor (lavender simple syrup pictured above or peppermint extract.)

I'm going to try a Chocolate Chipotle for sure. Any other creative ideas?

And here to the right is my sister enjoying her very own bowl of Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream. (Thanks again!)

Ellen Martin

I'm a west-coast mama of two little ones, 15 months apart. This is our family story with reviews and recommendations along the way. Thanks for joining our journey.

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