2010 Gift Giving Guide: Cool Gifts for Kids

Its Thanksgiving week - which means most people are really starting to think about Christmas shopping. I do mine year round so I'm actually almost done... which means I keep finding cool things that I don't have anyone to give them too. So I thought I'd share with my readers!

First thing for any crafty creative kids in your life - is this awesome Beasts and a Beauty Shadow Puppet Kit. Banquet Atelier & Workshop has other cool mobiles and puppet kits and some great posters - but this one was my fav. And $15 is an affordable gift price.

As you could probably tell by my WornFree I love interesting t-shirts ... especially ones for kids. Over at the Tiny Revolutionary they have tons of neat, inspiring tees for the little ones - And some of the proceeds go to charity.

My favorite from this shop is the No Guitar Left Behind long sleeve tee. 10% of the proceeds goes to "Rock for Kids" a Chicago based non-profit that makes sure homeless and underprivileged youth have access to music education.

LEGO Creationary Game (3844)Another item that I am excited about playing myself, is a little more mainstream. Lego came out with a new game - Creationary that seems like it would be a blast! Pictionary was one of my favorite games growing up - and this is like that but with Legos!

This is the start of my gift guide series. Of course, etsy is always a great place to check out too. They even have a showcase just for kids!

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