Tasting Table Daily Emails

Today's Tasting Table emails seemed useful enough that I had to share.

First in the National edition I got this great PDF "Wine Crush Party" menu. What a great theme for a dinner party for this time of year. The recipes that they enclude sound yummy and relatively easy.

Then I checked out the New York edition and they had a "Cocktails for a Crowd" pdf that explains how to scale up cocktail recipes and gave a few sample recipes using Ketel One Oranje.

Tasting Table also has a "To-Do" option - where you can click the "To-Do" button and it will create a list of all the features that you want to save. Like a filing system so you don't have to search through emails - you can just login to the Tasting Table Web site and access all your favorites!

I added both of the above emails to my "To-Do" list. This email is worth signing up for - especially if you live in one of the featured cities (L.A., San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago) - but even if you don't the National edition is great and they will soon be launching a "Chef's Recipes" edition.

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