Daily Worth's No Sweat Filing System

It's time for some fall organization and Daily Worth is helping me do it! I feel that step #4 is worth highlighting but you should really check all the steps.

Step #4 is the No Sweat Filing System. I already have a similar system established - but I really think that this will help me streamline it a little better. It definately makes things easy for you to find when you need information quick. Like applying for a home loan. You need tax documents, paystubs, W-2's.... all things that you should be able to find easily.

Seems like a good system. You won't need every catagory that they list - and you might have some special ones of your own to add. For instance - I don't have a "Business Related Tax Items" folder but I do have a "Work Related Items" folder. And I  keep paystubs for the current year in this folder - because I've been asked for paystubs before.

So read through the Daily Worth posts -- find somethings that can help you.

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