Honeybee Love...

I am really digging this wedding invite from Cheer Up Cherup. That little honeybee flitting across the invite is adorable.

Of course this led me to do a search on Etsy for invitations with bees on them. There is some cute stuff out there... I just love how creative people are! (And I get slightly jealous for my lack of creativity.)

Anyways - I could search through these all day - but I thought I just share a few more of my favorites.

The Bee Tree Wedding invite (on the right) is lovely as well! Maybe my favorite. The giant tree reminds me of one that I played on as a little girl when my parents took me bird watching at the fish hatchery.

 This last one I'm going to share is just a simple save the date - almost opposite from the one above. Honeybees on the Skyline adds a big city feel to these bees.
I love them all and hope you've enjoyed the browsing!


  1. do you know this site? its the best for invitation porn:


  2. Nope hadn't seen it yet! Thanks for the link.

    PS I'm going to be asking for your creative help once I get to that point. May 21, 2011 is gonna be the big day - so we've got some time!