Storing Records...

We have a lot of records. It's by no means the largest collection you'll see - but it takes up a portion of our front room. Of course I wish we had more. I love them. Love the crackling sound they make and the gems of songs you can find on some of the oldies. The thing I find myself wishing for is cool ways to store them or display them.

While we were in Portland in that awesome shop Pink Vintage that I already spoke about, we ran across this awesome little rack for records... sigh.... again if only we had a way to take it on the plane with us. Anyways, I digress.

Today, searching my way through Apartment Therapy I ran across this awesome post "How to Deck Out an Old Record Cabinet" and swooned! I mean look at the awesome cowhide sides! (picture from Apartment Therapy)

Anyways the first line in this post is what really got to me. "When you find one of these old record cabinets, you absolutely must buy it." So I make it my new item to find at garage sales or on ebay.

Let me know if you see any out there. I don't care how run down. I mean now I have an official "How-to" anyways!

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