Friday Fixation: Portland!

In 5 long days, I will be heading to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister and I am super excited! I need the R&R and I absolutely love it there.

So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to go -- although I add a new "favorite" every time I'm there.

First - Dot's Cafe. My friend's Aunt told me about this place and it's awesome great burgers and vegitarian/vegan options and the fries are so delicious. Very hip. I'd love to try it at night some time!

Second - Doug Fir Lounge.Um. Hello? Any place that has such a unique theme is awesome to experience and on top of the wood everywhere it's in the parking lot of a restored 50's motel. Last time we went we saw Earlimart and I am really hoping we can go back this time.

Ok, so far it's all about food or drinks. And I think I could go on about that topic too. But let's switch to something a little more outdoorsy.

Third - Multnomah Falls. It's beautiful up there. And while I am not the biggest avid hiker in the world - I enjoyed the hike we took here last time. And, since I am trying to work some hiking into my routine this summer - maybe this will be good practice.

Fourth - Powell's Bookstore. It may be cliche to put this on my list... but I LOVE books. And you can seriously get lost in this place. It's fun to explore and you could spend hours of a rainy Portland day here.

Ok. Those are a few. Any suggestions of places I should try this trip?

Ellen Martin

I'm a west-coast mama of two little ones, 15 months apart. This is our family story with reviews and recommendations along the way. Thanks for joining our journey.

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