Etsy Find! B Poetic Pillowcases

During my usual purusing of - I found these wonderfully creative pillowcases. Now, B. Poetic has other items as well: hair clips, shoe clips, banners, belts, etc. Which I see a lot of around etsy. But these pillowcases are different. My favorite (left) features, of course, a bee hive on one pillow with a lone traveling bee on the other - and costs only $30 for the two. Which seems reasonable to me for something so unique.

Be sure to check out the other ones on there as well - in the home section.

The other awesome thing is that they are packaged so nice and neatly that I could totally see giving these as a gift. Maybe with a good book? It would make a nice little package.

Hum. Maybe I feel some early Christmas shopping coming on.

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