New Years at Home

I am still sitting in front of my Christmas tree - staring at the lovely decorations. Anyone else? Then I realized I had a New Year's Eve at home post to get to! 

Like everything else in 2020, New Year's Eve looks different this year. No big parties. No hugs and kisses to all your extended family and friends. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. I'm trying to plan ahead for this and make it a fun time for all of us.

In many years past we have enjoyed going to the Crocker Art Museum for their Noon Year's Eve and doing crafts and watching performances. Since we won't be doing that this year, I thought making these Royal Crowns would be a fun craft (and since it is through the Getty at home we can talk about the art too!)

Make a countdown ball

Find some family friends who want to do zooms through out the night. Make it extra special by dropping champagne (for the bigs), confetti poppers, and glow sticks (for the littles) on their front porches before hand.

Dress up anyways! Or don't dress up and buy some new cozy and nice pj's to celebrate in.

Make a photo wall! Put up some metallic fringe curtains, get some photo props, and you're ready to go! (See our fun trial photo above.) 

Have a dinner made up of just appetizers. I think fun appetizers make me feel fancy. And my kids love to eat this way.

Make a speciality cocktail! I won't be doing this because it's just going to be me and the kids (husband will be BUT if I was I think I'd pick this Mistletoe Margarita.

Make vasilopita and see who gets the coin (and the luck for the year!)

What are you doing to make this year special?

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