Travel Advice from Families that Travel.

There are SO many amazing family travel Instagram accounts. I could get lost in these people's travel all day long. As we are getting ready for our vacation, I decided to reach out to a few of my favorite accounts for some travel tips and advice.

So if you're getting ready for a trip with your family take this advice from the pros:
I'm starting with She's a favorite of mine because of course, she travels all around Greece with her twins and blogs about it.

Here is what she said:

I love traveling around Greece with our twins and we've been quite to a few places with them. I like how everyone is so friendly and are willing to play with them or distract them if they are upset. Or how they will go to great lengths to get us 2 baby chairs or cook something they know our twins will eat. In the summer, we enjoy spending our mornings in baby-friendly beaches with them or escape the heat in the mountains around Athens to hike and enjoy the nature.

We never travel without our baby carriers (we love the Stokke MyCarrier Front & Back) as we don't want any cobblestone alleys to stop us from exploring. And if there's one thing we've learned from traveling with them is that no amount of toys or snacks can substitute our attention; playing with them is the best way for all of us to have a good time!

She also shared with me two posts specifically about Mani (Stoupa) and Nafplio (two places we will be visiting soon!)


Currently living in India, her pictures on Instagram are just stunning (see below.) And if her Instagram isn't enough for you - head on over to her website too.

Now on to her advice:

I'd say my number one tip is to just keep a positive attitude. Things go wrong, delays happen, or things don't go to plan but staying positive that things will work out often helps. Especially to keep kids calm through it. If the kids see you stressing out then it rubs off on them and soon the whole family is having a meltdown!

So true! That is probably good advice for me in just my everyday life as well.


One of the things I love about Big Brave Nomad - is that their kids are close in age like Gus and Lucille. I see tons of similarities in the interactions between siblings that are so close in age when I look through their Instagram. Like this one below.

Her advice:

We have traveled to 14 countries and 21 states with our 2 kids; ages 20 months and 3 years.  We've conquered the long haul flights, countless train & bus rides as well as moving from place to place every few nights.  The one thing that we would tell all parents is to pack as light as possible.  It's hard to cut back on comfort items when traveling with kids, but it's worth it. Our most recent trip was for 21 days across 5 countries and 13 cities in Europe.  We packed 1 checked bag and 1 backpack for the 4 of us. To help other parents avoid the heartache of over-packing, we've compiled some tips on How to Pack Light When Traveling with Kids.  We also have a free printable packing list for babies & big kids so you can easily narrow down what you truly need. As always: Fly Brave, Travel Often, See Everything.  -Tavia, Big Brave Nomad

That is some packing skills! We are trying for light packing... hope we succeed!


Erin is a fun mom to follow on Instagram. Great posts, great stories, and great inspiration! She even wrote a book about exploring with toddlers!

Advice from Erin:

When you are packing, don't forget about the trip home. When we travel I always like to find a new book and activity or two for those moments about an hour or two into the trip when they are bored or squirrely. New paperback books, small travel-friendly games, stickers and paper, and dry erase boards with markers were the surprises on our last trip for my 6-year-olds. It took me a while to learn that the same thing happens on the way home. Now I pack an extra surprise or two in the suitcase and then have them ready for the trip home. 

Yes, yes, yes! I'm all about packing something small but exciting to break out when the kids get squirrely! What a great tip.


Celine and family travel all over -- and besides a great Instagram account, she runs two blogs - Baby Can Travel and Family Can Travel.

Here is her advice:

Traveling with kids is a whole new ball game and we found many of the things we were able to do traveling as a couple just weren't going to work. Our #1 recommendation when traveling with kids is to plan to slow down. Leave some time in your day to let them be kids. Take a little time to research playgrounds, beaches or parks that you can stop at for a break. You may not get to hit every place on your list, but you'll all enjoy your time so much more. 

When it comes to flying, we don't do long haul flights without our Fly Tot. It's a game changer when it comes to getting our kids to sleep on flights. 

Playgrounds, beaches and parks - are an easy win for our kids too! Great suggestions.

What great advice - from all these wonderful, traveling, families. I am so happy that they shared these  suggestions with me and with my readers.

Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear in the comments.


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