Hello, Memorial Day Weekend! Friday 5/25

Well hello, 3-day weekend. It sure is nice to see you. I love Memorial Day weekend - because it signifies the start of Summer - and since the kids only have one more week in preschool before they start Summer Camps and being at home - it really is the start of our Summer break.

The nice weather is always a plus, too. I'm sure we will be playing a lot of Baseball.

Here are my favorite links for the week:

16 ways that type A people keep their homes clean. (I'm taking notes...)

I may be a little obsessed with lists of funky/unique vacation rentals. And this tiny homes list is great. The Airstream in Joshua Tree and the Caboose in Oakhurst? The kids would LOVE it.

7 things to do around your house Memorial Day weekend

Women talk about Migraines and how it isn't "just a headache." So so real. You can read my post on it here.

All the gossip from the royal wedding.

Hope you have a great long weekend, friends!

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