A new name, same stuff. Happy weekend! Friday 5/11

Hey there! Did you notice anything new? This blog name has changed! It has been a long time coming - as this blog is almost 10 YEARS OLD. High Heels and Honeybees was a name that came from things I loved - because at first, that is what this blog was about. But getting married and having kids has given this blog a new path in recent years - and I've been longing for a name to go with it.

In an effort to keep our family brand consistent, I thought "The House of Martins" went well with Jonny and my Instagram/social media handles: @themartinbunch and @themartinmom.

You won't see much change in the content. In fact, today is Friday - so I'm of course sharing some of my favorite links from around the web. So check it out and tell me what you think about the new name and logo!

A retirement home for elderly musicians. This is inspiring.

12 modern books that are on the road to becoming classics.

"Be good. Learn things. Have fun. Do your best." Sorry if I've shared this before. But I just love it.

Last minute Mother's Day gifts. Thanks, Amazon.

An Ombre mimosa bar? Sure thing.

Hope you have a good weekend. Expect more from me coming soon!

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