Things to Do: October 2017

I know. We have already started October. I really have no excuse, except life. It just keeps happening. Ah, well - anyways if you are looking for stuff to do around the Sacramento area this month - here is my list of stuff to check out. If I'm missing anything, please share in the comments!

All of Oct: Plink and Gato - If you haven't taken your kids to the Crocker Art Museum to check out these kid-friendly exhibits - this is your last month to do so. Back before kids - we had a Crocker membership and would go every so often. We even went a few times when Lucille was little and still in a carrier or stroller. But lately we've avoided the place... so I was so excited to see an exhibit that could help me introduce my kids to this Sacramento gem of a museum again.

Oct. 6: Moana - Arden Park "Movie in the Park" has been rescheduled a few times - and Oct. 6 is the day. Same park as Lucille's soccer game - so a good chance we will make it.

Oct. 6-8: Greek Food Festival - This year the annual Greek Food Festival in Sacramento goes back to the church grounds. Kids 12 and under are free and it's $5 for everyone else. Friday lunchtime is free admission. I'm so excited for it to be at the church - Lucille will be performing on Saturday and Sunday too.

Oct. 7: Carmichael Park Painted Rock Hunt - I'm not 100% sure what this will be like - but it really intrigued me.

Oct. 8: NatureFest - We love Effie Yeaw Nature Center (as you know if you've read my "Things to Do" posts before.) NatureFest gives you a chance to check out all the great stuff you can see right here in our backyard. Living along the river provides us great access to wildlife - a great learning experience for the littles.

Oct. 14: Monster Bash - Of course, all month long there are opportunities for your kids to get in costume and go somewhere. Monster Bash is the Sacramento Children's Museum event. Dancing, refreshments and play time all in their costume. Sounds fun!

Oct. 15: Eppie's Kids Duathlon - For kids 4-13 this small version of Eppie's Great Race is worth checking out. Gus isn't 4 yet and he wouldn't be able to handle it if Lucille got to do it and he didn't - so we will wait till next year. But, how fun to do a bike/run race built just for your age. I know lots of little ones that would love this.

Oct. 15: Drewski's and Beer - If you haven't checked out Goat House Brewing in Lincoln yet - this is a chance to go and get some good food from Drewski's too. The kids will love feeding carrots to the goat. And for older kids who like soda - you have to check out their home made soda. It's delish.

Oct. 22: Floating Pumpkin Patch Pool Party - My kids have been loving their swim lessons at Little Whale Swim School and I'm so excited that they can continue swimming in the winter since the pool is indoors. The school is offering a fun, floating pumpkin patch for the whole family to enjoy. What a fun way to go pick out a pumpkin!

Oct. 28: Pumpkin Slingshot Spooktacular - Slinging pumpkins? 'Tis the season and at the Powerhouse Science Center, they'll be teaching you physics at the same time. What kids don't like to watch something go "splat"?

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