Travel Bags for Kids

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Our whole family is getting excited about our upcoming Hawaii trip. Lucille and Gus will randomly ask if today is the day we are going to Hawaii. I have to remind them we have a few months.

One thing I always do on a trip like this with the kiddos? Pack them travel bags. It's always a combination of new things and things they love - stuff that will keep them entertained when need be. Oh, and snacks of course.

Land of Nod has some amazing kids backpacks that you could use. It's important to have a bag that isn't too big for your kid, that they like and that holds what you need it to hold. Here are some examples:

And here are some of my favorite things to put in it. Some of these I put in from the beginning and some of these I'll hold back and give to the kids as the trip progresses - as sort of a "treat" for being so good.

Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons are a great option. My kids are obsessed with scented things. Add on the Camilla the Cupcake Fairy Mini Coloring Book for Lucille because she loves these books. They have coloring and stickers and lots of activity sheets. I love this Crazy Creature "Ready, Set, Doodle" kit too.

Books - Trains are always a hit with Gus - so I bought Curious George Takes a Train. Lucille loves lions so I thought the Tawny Scrawny Lion would be a good choice for her.

Crafts - Not sure how it will turn out - but for under $3 I thought I'd try - this Superhero Plastic Egg Kit. Something fun that Gus could put together and then play with.

Magnetic toys - Magnetic paper dolls are the way to go during travel. Pieces are less likely to get lost and kids can easily play by themselves. I like this The Little Mermaid one. Tegu magnetic wooden building blocks are also great for travel. I love this Travel Pals Whale set.

Beyond that, I always scope out the Dollar Store for cheap, fun items that the kids can enjoy and it's no biggie if they lose them.

What are your favorite things to pack on a trip? I'd love to hear other recommendations.

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