Evening Routines

I posted a while back about perfecting my morning routine with the kiddos. When I gave Lucille her morning checklist she got so excited that she wanted an evening routine checklist too.

So, since I put one together for her - I thought I'd share it with my readers. You can download it here.

 Everyone's routine is a little bit different - but if you do the basic things we do (potty, bath, brush teeth, pajamas, books and bed.) then this will work for you.

In our house we divide and conquer - the kids take a bath together and then Jonny puts Gus down (not the easiest task these days.) And I put Lucille to bed.

Talking about evening routines reminds me of a great One Bad Mother episode where they talk about Daniel Tiger and the order of this bedtime routine song. I'm of the camp that you bath and then brush teeth THEN pajamas... instead of bath then pajamas then brush teeth.

What order do you go in?


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