Simplify: Getting rid of old jewelry

When I came across this "List of Things to Dispose Of" on Popsugar - I knew it was time. Time for me to get busy getting rid of things that don't serve me in the life I am currently in.

Day one on the list is the other side of a pair of lost earrings. Which I took to mean: clean out all those pieces of jewelry you've been holding on to for crafting purposes. For my long time readers - I've always had aspirations of using vintage jewelry to make things. Like ribbon necklaces (and ANOTHER ribbon necklace post.)

A few things I actually succeeded in making - magnets and rings (see picture left.) But really - this crafty stuff is not a priority in my life. I'd much rather spending any free time reading. Or sleeping.

SO - I pulled all the stuff that was mine in high school, or that I bought from eBay back when I thought I was going to make a bouquet for my wedding from flower jewelry (an AMAZING sounding idea - but a LOT harder to actually do) and I'm now selling it all on eBay! If crafting is your thing - go bid! There are some pretty pieces there.

And once this stuff is actually GONE from my house - I'll be feeling pretty good. Anyone else has a crazy about of jewelry they NEVER wear?

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