Baking with Miss Jones

Do you know how hard it is to find good organic cake mixes and frosting? Well, it just got a little easier with Miss Jones Baking Co. I got a great goodie pack sent to me from Miss Jones herself and couldn't have been more impressed. The packaging was lovely, she included some great recipe cards AND my final products were delicious. What more could I ask for?

I started with the brownie mix - and did my standard personalization. I switched out the water for wine and I added a cup of chocolate chips. They turned out amazing. Lucille was in a bit of a mood while I was cooking them - but she did eat some and she immediately asked how many more she could have - so I know she liked them too.

We used the vanilla cake mix to make the yummy the mini pumpkin donut muffins that they feature on their website. These were a total hit. I loved them - and I'm not a huge pumpkin fan. The kids devoured 3 each the morning that we made them.

So, get back into baking and pick up a box and get creative! They are available at my favorite stores: Raley's and Bel Air (and other locations too...)

We haven't used the chocolate cake yet for two reasons: we haven't had an occasion yet... AND we cut gluten out of Gus' diet -- so we'll do this sometime when he isn't going to be wanting to eat it .. or if we can take it somewhere else.

Maybe something special for Valentine's Day.

More on the Gluten-free switch soon...

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