Slow your roll, mama.

Balancing work and life and chores has been a challenge as of late. And on reading a post from A Cup of Jo a few months ago - I realized I too need to try out slow parenting. I know exactly what she is talking about. I'm not a slow walker or a wanderer - so I am constantly telling Lucille to "hurry up" and "keep up" and "move along." I would love to work on removing that from my vocabulary - especially at times when we really aren't in a hurry. Why am I rushing to the zoo at 9am? If she wants to take her time - it shouldn't mean anything to me.

So I'm going to start. Slowing down. Not over planning the day. Let the kids be kids. As long as it isn't T.V. all day - we can just play. Maybe I should also cut my coffee intake and up my chamomile tea.

Any resource suggestions on teaching yourself to slow down and enjoy life?

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