Minted: Card Designs and Gift Ideas

I've used Minted a few times for photo cards. Most recently our birth announcements for Gus and our holiday card last year. They always have such unique and beautiful designs that I love scrolling through. I'm starting to look at Christmas Cards for this year - and found that Minted also has some great unique gift ideas and art prints.

My favorite of the art prints are above. The Winged Heart print is gorgeous - and would match perfectly in our Master bedroom {especially in the Distressed Indigo Stain frame!} I am working on a new look for Lucille's room - and I think this Sum Total print {with the gorgeous black numbers} would work perfectly. The Fleur print is just lovely with the foil stamp - and I have a few friends that this would make a lovely gift for - it would match their house perfectly. As you may or may not know - I have a little obsession with night animals. Like owls. This Nocturnals print captures my obsession perfectly!

I'm planning a family vacation to Iowa {where my husband went to school} next summer and I think these awesome state photo collages would be a great way to highlight some photos from a family vacation. The California map collage would be lovely too - just to represent our home state. And I can just see how fun it would be to have to gold foil prints of a city that had a special place in your heart - like the San Francisco one I featured above.

As for the Holiday cards, I love browsing through them - and especially love the feature that lets you automatically see your picture in all the cards! So fun! Since we had a new addition this year - I really like this The More, The Merrier design. The booklet options, like the Pine Brush design, would be great for kids a little older than mine, when you want to start reporting on the happenings of the year. I love the font on the Hap-Happiest Time design. We used the postcard option for our birth announcements for Gus - and I thought it was a great, easy option {and postage was cheaper!} For anyone who has just moved this New Door Holiday design would be a great affordable choice. I love the wording.  Another favorite of mine - considering the chaos of having two under two - is the Calm-ish + Bright design. So cute!

Since tomorrow is Cyber Monday - stay tuned on Minted's promotion code page for a special offer they'll be having! Go on over and browse the wonderful selection!

This post contains all of my own opinions and reviews of the products on Minted. I was compensated in the form of store credit for this review.

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