MPM: Week of June 9

Well, I'm another year older. I had a great birthday weekend with visitors from out-of-town and my family. Now its going to be time to get the house organized again, start planning meals and focusing on goals (all of which were ignored this weekend.)

Last week I we had this super easy and yummy balsamic chicken salad - which is perfect for a quick summer dinner. Over the weekend I feel like I didn't eat too healthy -- so I'm trying for a healthier plan this week.

Here is my plan:

Monday: leftovers from the weekend extravaganzas
Tuesday:  apple Gorgonzola pizza
Wednesday: stuffed mini bell peppers with salad
Thursday: broccoli and garlic penne
Friday: taquito salad
Saturday: roasted sweet potatoes and apples with tahini and quinoa
Sunday: Father's Day ~ dinner with the family

I'm really excited about the sweet potato, apple and quinoa dish. It sounds amazing. And doesn't it look amazing?

More menu plans at org junkie.

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