Friday Fixation: Ode to theSkimm

A long time ago, when I was younger, needed less sleep, and had less responsibility, I would wake up early and take my copy of the New York Times to Ettore's and eat some oatmeal while I read through the newspaper before work. At that time I worked at a law firm and was still finishing school at Sac State - so I was busy... but those were my only responsibilities. I lived with my parents so I had no rent, no house to clean, or yard to keep up.

Obviously, life has changed - and in great ways. I love our house and I love our growing family - but I do lack free time and pretty much rely on Twitter or CNN alerts on my phone for my news. 

Just after cleaning my inbox - I found a daily newsletter that I had to try (even though it meant another daily read!) theSkimm provides a quick daily round up of the headlines du jour and makes them a pleasure to read.

It means that you can read it in the morning and sound informed (and maybe even witty) throughout the day. I love it. I know there are others of you out there that are busy - but want to stay informed and up-to-date so I had to share my little secret. It's easy just head over and sign up.

P.S. It's Friday the 13th - so watch your step!

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