Getting Out of the House with a Newborn

Today's prompt over at NaBloPoMo is: Where is your favorite place to connect with friends? And while my answer pre-baby was probably "Happy Hour" or "A wine bar" or something along those lines... its changed to more baby friendly places now. I really enjoying getting out of the house with little Lucy... and I think she likes it too. So I thought I'd share some places that we've been so far (2 months in...) that have worked well.

The obvious one? Coffee shops. I've always enjoyed sitting around a coffee shop chatting - and its just as easy with a little one in a car seat as it was before. In this hot Sacramento weather - they are nice and air-conditioned and you can get a little pick me up if you didn't get much sleep the night before. Great spot for new moms.

Restaurants. Lucille does great in restaurants - sleeping most of the time. All so far have been accommodating. Roxy and Brookfields (that's where she is in the picture) even had the car seat slings for the table. Tower Cafe was very accommodating as well.

If you want to get interactive with the kiddos - and have them connecting too ... I highly recommend Baby Storytime at the library. We've been to two - and they were both fun.

Parks are of course another easy option... but right now in Sacramento its really too hot after 9am.

Any other suggestions on places to connect with friends after having a baby?


mrsgregwillis said…
Coffee shops are a great idea! :) congrats on the little one.
Anonymous said…
Our library story hour has been great! After, when the kids are doing a craft, the moms can all talk and catch up! I love it! Plus, our local children's librarian is one of the best librarians I have ever seen!
Winnie said…
Lucy is adorable! I was going to say the library but see someone else did. Lots of moms, and reading time etc. At this age, she will be happy sitting and resting in nice cool places. When it isn't so hot, you can meet up at local zoos too, the walking and atmosphere is always nice for moms, as well as local museums.
Ellen Martin said…
Thanks Mrsgregwillis! - And I'm heading to a coffee shop now!
Ellen Martin said…
singingunderwater - Love the library story hour and can't wait until Lucy is bigger and can play with the toys and do crafts. So fun!
Ellen Martin said…
Thanks Winnie! Darn this heat wave because I love the zoo. And we are members of our local museum -- that might be a great way to beat the 100+ temperatures this week!
Library story time was one of our favorites when Mason was a baby, I can't believe I haven't taken Marlee!
Kristin G said…
Restaurant eating was so easy from like Zero to 5 months. She'd either sleep or drink a bottle and we could just eat, talk and connect. But once she started eating too it became more of a challenge until about 13 mo. And not she just eats along with us too. The big thing about going out with your kiddo is to just DO IT. They get more used to it the more you do it.

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