Etsy Find! Freja Toys

I'm getting accustomed to the new normal around here and that our littlest newbie is the one who sets our schedule. So, I am a little amazed that after a little more than 2 weeks I am finding time to blog! OMG. This blog might survive a baby.

Ok. What I wanted to share was this great Etsy shop I stumbled across called Freja Toys. They have adorable knitted dolls some of which are even Babywearing Momma dolls like the one on the right. They have Babywearing Daddy dolls too.

The shop also has some fun looking "nursing necklaces" very similar in idea to the Chewbeads I mentioned earlier - but these are a more eco-friendly. I really like the purple one.

Anyways its a really cool, Waldorf style, etsy shop that I had to share.

Funny thing is I stumbled across these while researching the best / easiest to use wraps for the baby. I have one that doesn't really fit me (it was a free sample) and then we have the ergo-baby carrier - but I really want a simple wrap - nothing complicated. 

So if any mommy readers have any suggestions... please share! And enjoy my etsy find!


  1. After two babies, I have tried the Snugli (like the Bjorn), Mod Mum sling, Moby wrap, and the Ergo. For newborns, the Moby is THE way to go. Hands down. It only looks complicated. And I still use the Ergo when necessary with Mason-- it is freaking awesome. And both of those Matt used comfortably. :)

  2. Thanks Tegan! The Moby kinda freaked me out because it looked difficult but I'll give it a try. I'm excited to use the ergo... but she's just too tiny right now.