Friday Fixation: Can I Stream It?

If you're a Roku owner like us - or you stream a lot of videos other ways - you'll love this site I just found. Maybe I'm the last to know about it - but its always a hassle to figure out if a movie is offered on the various streaming options. We have a Amazon Prime membership and Hulu Plus - plus there is Crackle which is free (no subscription required.) is a one stop shop to find out what you can stream, what you can rent digitally or purchase digitally. It'll even tell you if the movie is available at your local redbox. If you create a login you can even ask it to let you know when a movie is made available in a certain format or on a certain channel.

You can search T.V. shows too (not just movies.) I see great potential for this site!

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  1. Great tip, Ellen, thanks! We've been downloading a lot of movies from iTunes but I'd love to know more options. Cheers!