Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

I may have mentioned this before - but I am a big Gilmore Girl fan. The quick witted dialogue is a huge part of why. I've always seen on various blogs the "Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge" - because if you've ever watched a few episodes - she reads. A lot. So I dumped the whole list (as found here) on to a page - and started marking off ones that I've read.

The ones that are in red - I have read at one point in my life -- but not recently. The ones that are red and have a strikethrough - are ones that I've read recently. I'll be updating this list periodically - as I'll be trying to keep one book on this list in my current reading rotation.

First book on the list I'm going to read is Cousin Bette by Honor’e de Balzac (downloaded for free on my Kindle)

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