Etsy Find! Display that Jewelry!

This is kind of a two in one... Etsy find and DIY post.

I discover this over at Happiness Is... where she posts a inspirational DIY for this lovely Twig Jewelry Display. Of course, while I love the idea... I think I'd rather pay the $45 and buy one made from Gadora Wilder's Etsy Shop.

What do you think? DIY or purchase? I guess its one of the how much time you have issues... which I just don't. But it still inspires me to want to create something.

Ellen Martin

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Caro said...

I do love that! Especially because I have been in DIRE need of a jewlery hanging device. I haven't purchased one because they've all been so ugly. But given that I don't have $45 to burn, I'm going to say DIY. Except I wonder how she fantens the twigs together in a studry way...

Ellen Martin said...

It look like she uses clamps, then glues it then wraps in copper wire. Here is the link to the more detailed instructions

And if anyone can do this I'd say it's you!