Friday Favorites: Hard reads, old favorites, personality tests and more! 1/28

 Oh my god, it is STILL January. I have a lot to share this week. I must have had more free time than normal -- or maybe I just got less done. Either way, it works out for you all -- since it means I have more to share.

The weather has been lovely this week -- so today was a perfect FroYo Friday after school. I'll tell you I did it for the kids -- but I enjoyed mine as well. I mean, what good are children if not to use as an excuse for yummy treats? Haha.

Okay, on to my interesting finds for this week.

Last weekend was the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Considering that it feels like it might be overturned with this Supreme Court, I felt like this opinion piece from the NYT last weekend was very timely. Read these women's stories. They are 100 percent real and 100 percent valid.

Did you know that Minted does Valentine's Day cards? I had no idea. These Valentine MASH Classroom Cards are super cute and so are these Dino Love ones. So many Classroom cards to look through, be sure to check them out.

I always wonder if things I loved as a kid will stand the test of time for my kids. Does anyone remember the book The Westing Game? I ordered it for Lucille to see if she enjoys it as much as I did.

Are you watching 'And Just Like That..."? I just decided to go for it last week - and I'm enjoying it. Then I found out one of my favorite, hilarious authors, Samantha Irby, did some writing for it. I read her newsletter about getting a text from Miranda and OMG. She is truly hilarious.

Lion, Wolf, Bear or Dolphin? I love personality tests. (I'm a Bear, by the way.)

Helen Rosner (writes for The New Yorker) shared on Twitter earlier this month some important things she learned before turning 40. A few of my favorites include:

"Sure, everyone's body is beautiful. but a much more liberating realization is that, also, everyone's body is disgusting."

"You are both more and less special than you think you are."

One person performs a piece written for 12 different Cellos. The Cello has always been a favorite of mine.

Happy Friday!

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