Meal Planning Monday: 8/23

 What to cook for dinner is always the question, right? But when you throw in a new school routine, soccer practice and a husband who works a swing shift - it seems to all get tossed out the window.

So when I have "dinners" listed here - most of the time we really are making it for lunch (for Jonny and me) and then leftovers for the kids and me that night. We just don't really have the normal family sit down dinners lately. 

Anyways, on to the plan for dinner/lunch this week. I found a lot of inspiration this week from the NYT Cooking newsletter.

Monday: Curried Roasted Chicken

Tuesday: Caroline's family's chicken mostaccioli (from Half Baked Harvest)

Wednesday: Charcuterie night maybe with this delicious whipped Feta dip.

Thursday: Pizza (with dough from Half Baked Harvest)

Friday: Saffron Salmon Kabobs

Saturday: Free night (a.k.a. give momma a break night)

Sunday: My favorite enchilada recipe. EVER.

Other things I want to make: Lemon Polenta Slab Cake (from Everyday is Saturday)

What are you cooking? What tips do you have to adapt to new schedules?

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