Friday Favorites: Politics, Back to School, Afghanistan and more! 8/20

We are finished with our first full week of being back in school. This week has been a bit heavy, if I can be honest. The kids are back in school (yay!), the Delta variant is surging (boo) and anti-mask parents are looking for every loop hole possible to unmask their kids (boo). The stories coming out of Afghanistan are depressing and heartbreaking. California is burning and the air quality is horrible (another reason to keep that mask on your kid, FYI). Note, the ugly sky behind my kids on the first day of school, below.

Sorry if those aren't your beliefs but I'm tired (SO tired) of being nice. While some of the links this week are more light hearted (towards the end). Most are real. And heavy. And maybe divisive to some. Let's begin.

So I'll start with this NYT Opinion piece - The Quiet Rage of the Responsible. I feel this. Just not so quietly anymore.

The Fall of Afghanistan on The Daily Podcast. One Kabul resident tells about the fall of her country. 

For me this is 100% true. Being back in school is great. But it is also scary to me. Especially with anti-vax and anti-mask parents getting unnecessary doctor notes exempting them from wearing masks. Way to teach your kids to care about other people. 

If you're in or around the Sacramento area and looking for a way to help Afghanistan refugees, consider putting together a Starting Point basket for families as they come to Sacramento.

I was 17 when the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal broke. So "Impeachment" from American Crime Stories has my full attention.

Another political wonk favorite this week - The Politician on Netflix.

If you're looking for a new book - I'm currently reading Oona Out of Order and just loving it. 

Happy weekend, ya'll. Hug your babies.

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