Fun Summer Floats

 It's going to be like 90+ degrees consistantly all next week in Sacramento and I am ready to restock our pool float supply and vodka pop supply and celebrate summer. Who's with me? 

Since last year consisted of us not going anywhere all summer, I spent more time that average floating in my parents pool with the kids. And while I am hoping for a vacation this year, I still see the pool time in my future. 

Since some of our floats from last year didn't make it - I'm gonna add a few new ones to our collection. I would fill the pool with all floaties if it was up to me.

So here are some of the fun ones that I've found. 

Rose Pool Float

Tape Cassette Float

Roller Skate Pool Float

Pizza Pool Float

The Sphere Floating Habitat

Seahorse Float

What's your favorite? Anyone else have a pool float obsession?

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