Meal Planning is Back

When things seem rough to me, I try and think back to a time when the didn't seem rough and find some differences that I could try out. A year into a pandemic, I know I'm not alone in this, but it has seemed a little extra rough lately. 

Juggling work and family stuff, house stuff, and other things I really want to do (help my parents organize their house, plant a garden, write a book...) is getting to be a lot. One thing that always seems to help is meal planning. 

It may sound silly, but know what I'm cooking for the week and when is super helpful and saves me time in the long run. So, I'm gonna give it a try again. And since this blog gives me a little accountability to do it every week, I'll be sharing those plans here.

Recently I loaded all my cookbooks into the Eat Your Books website and I'm really love it as an easy way to find recipes to make with ingredients I have. I'm finding it helpful with meal planning too.

Ok, so here is my plan for this week. Also, please share what you are cooking lately and any quick lunch/dinner favorites.

Monday: Chicken Feta Burgers

Tuesday: Copycat Hamberger Helper (I'll make with GF pasta)

Wednesday: Onion & Feta Risotto (recipe from Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat Favorites) 

Thursday: Oven baked Tacos

Friday: Keto no bean Chili with cornbread (I'm not currently on the Keto diet - but this is my FAVORITE chili recipe... although I've adapted it a bit.)

Saturday: Parchment-baked Salmon with Zucchini (recipe from Half Baked Harvest: Super Simple)

Sunday: A freebie. Maybe we will eat out. Or make pizza. Or if we miss one of our other meals earlier in the week we can have it on this day instead.

Other things I'll be making: Zucchini Muffins (recipe from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home)

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