Earth Day 2021

 One of my goals for 2021 is to work on living a more environmental friendly lifestyle. I feel like this was something I was working towards and then with the pandemic it got off track. Being safe and clean was more of a priority than eco-friendly for a bit. So a lot of good eco-friendly habits seemed to get lost.

But it's Earth Day 2021 and what better day to choose to improve my eco-friendly living habits, right?

One way I am trying that is with these zip top silicone storage bags. They seem so versatile and zip top is offering 20% off for Earth Day through April 25. I ordered a full set plus extra bags and qualified for the free shipping too. 

Another Earth Day special for the kiddos - is the National Geographic Earth Day Eve celebration. If you didn't watch it live it will be available on Disney+ too. I love the poster design for it too - from cachetejack.

My kids are also obsessed with all the NatGeo shows on Disney+ and they are really excited for the "Secrets of Whales" which is available for streaming starting today.

Also if you're looking for sustainable choices when it comes to clothing for the summer - the UPF 50 swimwear at Primary is made from recycled materials (and you can mix and match!)

Another kids clothing favorite, Peek Kids is offering 30% off for Earth Day with code EARTHDAY30 at checkout (also free shipping on over $30)

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