Friday Favorites: Christmas, New Years and More! 12/11

Can you feel 2021 creeping up on us? This year has been the longest yet. I'm doing the best I can to keep the mood good while we are watching our country continue to fail to get Coronavirus under control. And fail to help out all the people who need financial assistance right now. But we are blessed to be doing ok -- and the kids don't know the difference, really. 

So we keep ourselves entertained at home. Here are some finds from this week if you need help keeping yourself entertained too.

If you haven't heard this cover of Maroon 5 - Memories yet -- watch it now. 

We made these yummy Christmas Sugar Cookies.

20 Things to do in December - this list made me laugh. "Turn up fashionably late to your zoom party despite their being no traffic in the hallway." (*Note: this is an UK blogger... so some of the items might not be as funny to folks on this side of the pond.)

I love this take on New Years Resolutions for 2021.

If you're planning a drive or walk around your neighborhood to look at lights - take this cool scavenger hunt sheet from The Suburban Mom to keep the kids engaged.

If you haven't seen all my gift guides for this year and are still searching... I did stocking stuffers, books and a list for homebodies.

When it gets a little too late for ordering Christmas gifts... subscription boxes are a good option. Lucille loves her Raddish Kids kits and The Waldock Way has a list of subscriptions for kids worth checking out too.

Happy weekend, friends. Hope it's a good one.

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