Christmas Wish Lists 2020: Stuff those stockings

So, stockings are a big deal in my family. They are so fun to fill with little goodies and everyone participates. This year is going to be a bit harder because of the pandemic keeping family separate this year. We will likely get to see my parents at some point on Christmas Day (as long as it isn't pouring rain) but the group of people in one room opening gifts just isn't going to be able to happen. 

So I am working on a way to put together baggies that the family can stick in their own stocking so we can still maybe have the fun on a zoom call.

The ghostly gimmicks for sale at 826 Valencia are great gag gifts that support an even greater cause. My dad studies spiders and I think this DIY Spider Apartment would be a fun laugh to put in his stocking. The money goes to 826 Valencia's writing workshops in San Francisco for underprivileged kids.

This may be a little expensive for your average stocking stuffer -- and who knows if they work -- but these single use wands help filter out sulfates (and maybe could help with the horrible wine headaches and flushed cheeks?)

I mean, if there is one thing you should put in everyone's 2020 stocking - it's probably hand sanitizer. Maybe a roll of toilet paper if you can spare it. I'm purchasing little hand sanitizers when I can find them like this one from Anthropologie. Or these for the kiddos.

Another good 2020 stocking stuffer - hand cream. All that washing makes for some dry and cracked hands. I love this gift collection from L'Occitane because you can divide it up for 6 different stockings.

Speaking of dry skin -- I'm totally intrigued by this luv scrub mesh body exfoliator. I don't like loofahs. I like the idea of this being a long strip that you can shape how you want and can reach your back. And it's stocking stuffer size!

I needed to plant some bulbs the other day and couldn't find a trowel. The kids use them a lot and break and loose them - so this year I'm just putting them in everyone's stocking. Maybe one will last for the next time I need it. 

I love these little passport books from Letterfolk. We have fishermen and birdwatchers in our family -- but they have ones for books, coffee, craft beer, almost for any one with a passion for something.

Most of these have been geared towards adults - because I think it's probably easier to pick things for kids - but if you need help for the little ones too - these PLUS PLUS mini maker puzzles are cute and my kids love puzzles and legos and animals - which makes these seem like a great stocking stuffer. (Adults would probably enjoy the puzzle too!)

My kids always have dry lips this time of year and I thought this lizard lips branding might make them laugh a little -- and use some chapstick. 

What are you stuffing in stockings this year? Also --- if you haven't yet - check out my other 2020 gift ideas I have book gift recommendations and home body recommendations!

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